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The labels will be made to not exceed the maximum length required, in doing this the height will be automatically adjusted to keep the writing in proportion. If you have a height restriction we need to know. (Maximum height available 6cm).

Brand names can unfortunately not be accepted and will be rejected. If brand names are given then they will be changed to an alternative.

Max 12 characters per label

If you are wanting more than one label of the same size, simply change the quantity & type them all in the same box, each label separated with by a comma e.g x5 labels all similar size would be typed as Plain Flour, Sugar, Self raising, Wax Melts, Bits & Bobs

The size of the label will vary depending on wording length & the font choice. We will make your labels to fit within the sizes you have selected however sometimes this is just not possible without distorting the font so we will use which ever measurement comes first within the sizes you have given.

  • All labels will be on one line, for labels set out on 2 lines check out our other labels
  • 1 label = a maximum of 1 long word or 2 short words (upto 12 characters per label)
  • Examples of 1 word: Dishwasher, Cleaning, Kitchen, Disinfectant
  • Examples 2 short words: Wax Melts, Bits & Bobs, Plain Flour
  • If for example you wanted Dishwasher Tablets you would need to purchase 2 labels or purchase one of our labels set out on two lines.
  • Please type labels as you want them to be seen, this includes capital letters. Some fonts are only available in capitals. See link for more details Fonts & Colour Chart
  • As all orders are customised to your requirements there are strictly no exchanges or refunds.
  • Labels are not suitable for microwave or dishwasher. Handwash only!
  • Instructions on how to apply your label will be sent with your order. Please read carefully before applying labels