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Fridge Storage Tray - 3 Sizes Available

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The perfect labelled storage solution to help organise your weekly food routines.

'For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned.'

Great for storing foods in the fridge or cupboard

Clear plastic with vents for airflow

Great for meal prep by adding days of the week as your label choice

Make great fridge baskets

Available in 3 sizes - Narrow, Flat or Wide

Maximum 1 word per tray

Examples: Veg, Dairy, Meat, Fruit, Deli, Salad, Cheese, Treats, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

Narrow tray measures: Length 30cm, width 13cm, height at back 17cm & front 13cm

Wide tray measures: Length 30cm, width 20cm, height at back 13cm & front 9cm

Flat tray measures: Length 30cm, width 23cm, height at back 9cm & front 5cm

If ordering more than one tray please change the quantity then list your order with commas in the personalisation box (e.g Cheese, Dairy, Meat)

Please note: The size of the label will vary depending on wording length & the font choice. Some fonts are naturally wider fonts and may appear different than expected. 



  • Brand names/trademarked words will NOT be accepted. If brand names are given they will be changed to an alternative by us.
  • All labels will be on one line
  • 1 label = a maximum of 1 long word or 2 short words
  • Examples of 1 word: Cheese, Dairy, Fruit, Veg (upto 12 characters)
  • When listing your labels, if ordering more than one, separate each label with a comma
  • Please type labels as you want them to be seen, this includes capital letters. Some fonts are only available in capitals. See link for more details Fonts & Colour Chart
  • As all orders are customised to your requirements there are strictly no exchanges or refunds.
  • Labels are not suitable for microwave or dishwasher. Handwash only!
  • ORDERS ARE FINAL! Due to the large volumes of orders, additions or changes CANNOT be made to your order as this delays the process of orders