Minimal Square Glass Bamboo 200ml Spice Jars

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Add a stylish, minimal look to your home with our square bamboo spice jars. Available as a single jar, a set 6 or a set of 12.

Our eco bamboo glass spice jars are designed with a bamboo lid and rubber seal to lock in freshness, complimented by a modern, minimalistic waterproof label, making these jars practical as well as stunning with the added bonus of allowing you to see the contents of the jar.

These airtight Glass Jars are the ideal storage for all your herbs & spices. See wording choices from the list in the photos.

Height 8cm

Diameter 6.5cm

Capacity 200ml

List your chosen spices either by number or by word in the "Which Spices Would You Like?" box separating each one with a comma if ordering more than one jar

For example if you chose the 6 jar option you would type - 1,6,17,28,44,50 or Allspice, Cajun, Curry Powder, Italian Seasoning, Sage, Tarragon