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Halloween Pumpkin Label

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Create a spooky look this Halloween with our fun pumpkin decor stickers.

These pumpkin decorating stickers are perfect for adding a fun touch to your halloween decorations this year.

Made from permenant outdoor vinyl they can be used outdoors or indoors and stand up to any weather conditions.

Please note these stickers are not reusable as they are made from permenant vinyl - they can be used on both real and artificial pumpkins (artificial and papier-mâché options are a great choice as you can use these year after year, but these pumpkins may not be weatherproof or suitable for outdoor use even though our stickers are).

They are really easy to apply and it only takes a few minutes! Just clean the surface of your pumpkin where the sticker will be placed, dry thoroughly and pop the sticker on!

Each sticker comes with application instructions.

This listing if for 1 sticker only. Simply choose your design.

Each sticker is 20cm wide - the height varies depending on the design